This is a "show-off"
Overachievers are described as:
 Individuals who perform better or achieve more success than expected.  The implicit presumption is that the "overachiever" is achieving superior results through excessive effort.
The picture to the left is a "show-off", not to be confused with an "overachiever".   (However, most of our overachievers are/were show-offs too!!)
Here are just some of the many OAW overachievers who we've been blessed and inspired by:



Oscar 7 Months Later
Oscar 7 Months Later
Oscar 2/13 - The day we pulled from pound
Oscar 2/13 - The day we pulled from pound

OSCAR  This is our little boss man Oscar!  We pulled him off the euthanasia list at the county pound in February 2013 as a terribly neglected, malnourished and very sick little guy with valley fever and pneumonia.  At the time that we pulled Oscar from the pound he was so sick and weak we really didn't think he would live through the night, we just wanted to make sure he did not die all alone, scared and frightened in the shelter. But this guy was an overachiever with the heart of a gladiator!  He was without a doubt a little fighter and hung in there against the odds. With a whole lot of TLC from his foster mommy, Connie, medical intervention, and time, his health improved and he slowly put on weight and became stronger.  Oscar also had serious dental issues that were causing him severe pain. He ended up needing three separate dental surgeries to address all of the issues he was experiencing.  The poor little man really had an extraordinarily rough start to his second chance, but  through it all his his heart and spirit shined through, inspiring those of us who were lucky and blessed to know him. We are truly grateful to have had his "little stinker" shenanigans fill our hearts and homes with laughter and tons of doxie love.  We love and adore you, Mr. Oscar Man and we thank you for sharing your life with us. You will forever be an inspiration and source of light and strength. For more about Oscar and his inspiring story, please visit our Happily Ever After . . . page click here.



Noah's story coming soon