Adoption Stories

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This is our favorite part . . . the happily ever after!  We love to hear from the wonderful people and families who have adopted a pet from On Angel’s Wings Pet Rescue and hear all about their new furever lives together! 

If you adopted a pet from us, we would love for you to share your “Happily Ever After” story with us!  Please EMAIL US HERE pictures and a brief write-up.  Please note "Adoption Story" in the subject line of the email.



Bella's story began last Fall when she was surrendered by her family to a high kill shelter in the east Los BellaAngeles area.  Through watchful eyes of volunteers and quick maneuvering, she escaped the shelter fate and was eventually transported to the On Angel's Wings Pet Rescue in the Phoenix area for some TLC.  

In December, I was searching online for a small dog and came across this beautiful little redhead girl.  Bella is a ~5-6 year old Cavalier/Tibetan Spaniel mix, and I was very much intrigued.  I contacted On Angel's Wings and Michelle set up the meet and greet that very week. What can I say, I fell in love and knew she was the one.  Soon after her dental surgery was complete, she was on the mend and I was able to adopt her.  

Sharing my life with sweet little Bella over the past 100 days has been great, and I feel as though I have hit the jackpot.  We enjoy our time together with walks, lots of play, mealtime, and weekend family visits.  She is my constant companion and best pal.  Lucky me.  

Thanks Michelle, to you, Tina, the generous donors, and volunteers at On Angel's Wings, for the important work you do . . . saving lives one at a time, caring for their every need, and providing the crucial link in finding their furever homes.  That is no small feat.  Bella and I are very grateful for your organization.  

Pick a rescue = save a life.  

Mari L. & Miss Bella

Thank you, Mari, for adopting sweet Bella and giving her a forever home full of love!  We love you both!  ~ OAW


Zoe & Snickers


We adopted two wonderful puppies from On Angel's Wings Pet Rescue in December 2014 and November
Zoe was our first adoption and is a White Lhasa Apso - Westie. Zoe is such a wonderful, sweet and loving dog and has changed our lives forever. Zoe loves to play and snuggle and is the perfect companion for anyone needing a hug.

Snickers is our second adoption. She is a black Chihuahua Mix and gives the sweetest kisses you've ever had. She loves to run, jump and chew on Zoe's long floppy ears. Snickers makes the cutest purring sound when you rub her head, neck and ears and is a great cuddler.
Zoe and Snickers have brought such joy to our lives. We will love them furever.

We are extremely grateful for On Angel's Wings Pet Rescue and for rescuing these amazing dogs.
The Friedman Family 
We love you Friedman Family, and are so grateful to have you all as a part of our OAW family!  Thank you for your loving hearts and giving these two sweet fur babies an amazing second chance at life!  We are blessed by you  ~ OAW


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