Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us. 

1.  How did your rescue get started?  Please see Angel's Story. 2.  What is the adoption fee?  The adoption fee is $250.

3.  What does the adoption fee include?  Spay/Neuter, shots, microchip, and any medical or dental that the animal may have needed.

4.  How does the adoption process work?  After you have chosen a pet that you'd like to adopt, you will be asked to set up a meet and greet/home visit.  This is where you and your family (current pets included) will be introduced to your new pet.  This helps ensure that everyone meshes and gets along.  If the home visit goes well, and you haven't already filled out an adoption application online, then you'll fill one out then.

5.  Are you looking for volunteers/fosters?  YES, YES, and YES!!!!  We are always looking for great people that are willing to help our rescue.  Here's a list of what we need volunteers to do:  work adoption events, fundraising, home visits, fosters, offer professional services (law, tax, etc.).

6.  As a foster, how long do you have the foster animal?  We cannot give an exact date because it varies. That being said, we try not to let a pet stay in a foster home for more than 2 months.  However, in some cases there have been animals in foster more than 2 months. We ask that our fosters bring the animal to at least 2 adoption events per month.  The more exposure an animal gets, the quicker the animal will get adopted.