angel 1

Our Inspiration ~ Our Beginning . . . Angel

Angel was our very first "official" rescue.  We rescued sweet Angel from the Orange County, CA shelter in the summer of 2012.  She was suffering from multiple ailments.  To name a few, she had respiratory issues, giardia, coccidia, scarred corneas from malnutrition, subluxating patellas, severely fused vertebrae in the middle of her back (which was plagued by arthritis), and thyroid issues.    Sadly, none of the local rescues in CA would take her in due to the many medical issues she was suffering from and the cost of treatment, so she continued to sit suffering in the cold concrete cell of the shelter with her days numbered as she was scheduled to be euthanized.

For days we begged for a local rescue to pull her for us so we could travel from Arizona to California to get her. Finally, we found someone willing to pull her to safety.  Unfortunately, her condition was so desperate that she was immediately rushed to the emergency vet for treatment. After a full day of IV fluids, pain medications, and antibiotics, she started her trip to Arizona. After weeks of treatment, she began to improve and reveal her sweet disposition. After years of neglect, Angel was able to trust and love humans once again with no fear or aggression.

Angel the day that we rescued her.

Sadly, seven months after her rescue, she passed away from complications of the neglect and mistreatment.  We take great pride and comfort knowing that in her last months, we were able to show Angel the love and care that she deserved all along.  She died knowing that she was incredibly loved and she will be forever missed.

We continue to rescue in Angel’s memory and will never forget the little Pomeranian who changed our lives and our hearts and saved the lives of so many other precious souls who followed, rescued by OAW in her honor.